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Hammer Wagers is an industry leading capper on a mission to reframe the sports wagering world 🏌🏻‍♂️

We demonstrate full transparency, the best 1 on 1 support, and of course we hit our picks. We are the only capper to have a monthly subscription based private package, with no committment. We offer this package at $139 a month, so even though we use $2,500 unit sizes in our personal betting, we try to offer the best value to bettors who have all different kinds of bankrolls.. Our picks and service is worth much more than $139 but we started this business to change lives and guide people on how to reframe the world of sports betting.



Before we started Hammer Wagers, we were just a team of guys who bet our own picks successfully. Coming from analytics, finance, and mathematics backgrounds, the intersection of sports and statistics were a match made in heaven for us. We still had our system and still used the same techniques and principles we do now back in the day, but no one else could tail us effectively. We asked ourselves “If we can do it consistently and make this much money doing it, why not help other people out?” And so Hammer was created. We started this as a promise to ourselves that we would help people into more fortunate positions, because we’ve been in the trenches and we know how demoralizing it is.



We’ve had multiple subs come to us from other cappers, telling us that they paid $1,500 for one “Exclusive, Guaranteed Play.” As enticing as it sounds, nothing exists and there’s a reason why those subscribers came to us. We help people understand that sports betting isn’t about betting the one play that you think is guaranteed to win.. That’s how Vegas gets you. To beat vegas you need a proven system that relies on a probabilistic edge to turn the odds into your favor.. There is no other way. If you want to be sustainable in this industry, you need to recognize that reality. We’ve helped so many people come to this understanding and we’ve been told that it’s life changing. We are the only capper to do it like this and we are proud of our work.


$139 for consistent monthly profit is a damn good deal and it may sound even "too good to be true". But we have nothing to hide. We are proven and we are transparent. We don’t make nearly as much from the $139 fee, and that’s also why we offer a money back guarantee if you tail our system over a month and end up losing. We are THAT confident.


This is our livelihood and we want to share our experience with people who are new to the industry and have fallen victim to some "THROW YOUR HOUSE ON IT LOCK"... ahem 🤣

Instagram and the Internet are full of these clowns. There is no such thing as a guaranteed lock. That's the reality.



Admit it. You’ve seen those “ballers” flexing cash, jewelry, the luxurious lifestyle, the entire package. You were enticed and asked yourself, “How is he doing it?” You’re intrigued and you find out this “baller” sports bets. He advertises guaranteed plays, insider information, exclusive whale bets. He uses every piece of jargon to convince you that he knows more than you do. He does everything in his power to convince you to buy his one  play for a lump sum of money like $1,500. You buy his play and you sweat through every second of the game. The lead changes, the injuries, the scores.. Everything makes you sweat because you believed that this “baller” had the insider information...


Sports betting is a game where the odds are stacked against you. You can’t win without an using an edge over time. Even then, you must stay disciplined, this game is meant to take your money. You can’t win by relying on insider information that doesn’t even exist. That’s a one way trip to failure. Don’t fall for the trap that every newcomer falls for. The only way to win in this game is to rely on an edge and play Vegas’ game. They make hundreds of millions from a 1% house edge. Even 0.5% in some places. Why wouldn’t you do what a winner does?


If you’re following a “guaranteed pick” you are going to be sweating every single turn of the game in hope that you eventually end up the winner. Not only does that stress your mental, but it makes you so emotional and vulnerable to degenerative gambling habits. If your guaranteed pick loses you will be looking for a live bet, or another “guaranteed pick” to make your losses back.. This is how Vegas gets you and how you fall into a degenerative spiral that will ultimately make you a loser. You have to recognize that you physically cannot win every single game that you bet on. You have to recognize that sometimes things happen and you won’t profit on the day. You might not even profit on the week, but as long as you are positive and look to continue to use your edge, you will ultimately be the winner. Letting bad habits take over your gambling habits will force you into horrible practices and you will end up blowing your bankroll.

You have to manage your bankroll and you have to manage your emotions if you want to stay solvent in this industry.


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