Hammer Theory

If you're familiar with gambling at all, then you must know that RISK MANAGEMENT is key to success.

Here at Hammer Wagers, we want our subscribers to maximize their profits through consistent "hammers" while minimizing their risk.

Our team has owned and ran multiple sportsbooks, so we recognize the poor habits of the people that consistently go down, here are the main ones.

  1. Oversized Bets.
    1. The fastest way to blow your account up is by oversizing your bets and exposing yourself to too much risk. I've seen bettors with $1,000 balances go up to $2,250, only to go all-in on a bet and lose their bet and entire bankroll.
  2. Non-uniform Unit Sizes
    1. The best way to make sports betting as consistent as it can be is to place uniform bet sizes based on the strength of the play. We at Hammer Wagers typically use 3 bet sizes, 5U, 2U, and 1U. Depending on the bet, we will use these various sizes.
  3. Overbetting
    1. From our experiences running books, we would see multiple people spending their balance in one day, only to have an off-day and lose everything. In any situation, patience is your friend. As you begin your journey, you will find that your PSYCHOLOGY is imperative to your success. You need to remain mentally tough during down-days, and reserved during up-days. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I repeat. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

There are many more errors that bettors make and we explore these fallacies for our private subscribers so they can thrive. 

The number one tip that we offer to our subscribers is cash out your profits. Trying to compound your account is the worst way to sports bet.